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Year 9

What students learn

The PDHPE K–10 Syllabus is organised into three content strands with a focus on three PDHPE skill domains. All students should be provided with opportunities to develop their knowledge, understanding and skills across a range of health and physical education concepts and contexts by studying content in an integrated manner and through practical application. The three strands include:

Health, Wellbeing and Relationships

Students develop the knowledge, understanding and skills important for building respectful relationships, enhancing personal strengths and exploring personal identity to promote the health, safety and wellbeing of themselves and others. They develop strategies to manage change, challenges, power, abuse, violence and learn how to protect themselves and others in a range of situations.

Movement Skill and Performance

Students focus on active participation in a broad range of movement contexts to develop movement skill and enhance performance. They develop confidence and competence to engage in physical activity. Students develop an understanding of movement concepts and the features of movement composition as they engage in a variety of planned and improvised movement experiences.

Healthy, Safe and Active Lifestyles

Students focus on the interrelationship between health and physical activity concepts. They develop the knowledge, understanding and skills to empower them to make healthy and safe choices and take action to promote the health, safety and wellbeing of their communities. They engage with a range of health issues and identify strategies to keep them healthy, safe and active.

Scope and Sequence
Term 1  
Theory Practical
Week 1 – 10: Let’s Get Physical PT Week 1 – 5: Athletics: Run, Jump & Throw
  Week 6 – 10: Cross Country
Term 2  
Theory Practical
Week 1 – 10: Can I handle it? Week 1 – 5: Personal Trainer
  Week 6 – 10: Dance
Term 3  
Theory Practical
Week 1 – 10: Respectful Relationships Week 1 – 5: Striking Games
  Week 6 – 10: Dance
Term 4  
Theory Practical
Week 1 – 5: Personal Identity Week 6 – 10: What’s the Risk?
Week 1 – 5: Team Physical Activities Week 6 – 10: Summer Sports

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