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Mathematics Faculty

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The Mathematics Faculty would like to welcome you back to another productive school year.

All students are reminded of the importance of being prepared for learning including adopting a positive and open attitude to learning this term. 

Mathematical reasoning is another focus of the faculty.  Students are encouraged to show their mathematical reasoning (tell the story) during class discussions, tasks and assessments to ensure they are focusing on demonstrating their process.

Classroom teachers will select two students from each class at the end of term who will receive a merit letter and recognition. 

Students will have the opportunity to utilise the revision booklet for year 7-10 to assist students with building their skills and self-monitoring their understanding of the concepts presented in class. Students are encouraged to purchase these from the office for $17. Classroom teachers will be regularly referring to these and encouraging students to complete tasks.  Students and parents can access the scope and sequence with links to the homework booklet on the school’s website.

Students are reminded the need to have a book, pen and calculator for every lesson. The faculty prefers to utilise the Casio FX82-au Plus II. These can be purchased from the canteen or in back to school sales.  Please be aware many shops do sell a cheaper version however, all the required functions are not easily accessed or available.

Please don’t forget to check out the notice boards in the bottom of J Block for up to date photos and assessment notifications. Students in year 7-10 will have their first major assessment task during weeks 7-10 based on the work presented during term 1.  

Year 11 students will complete their first task in week 10 for both Standard Mathematics and Advanced Mathematics. 

Our year 12 students are working hard as they prepare for their HSC studies. Year 12 students are encouraged to access the online EDROLO resource in their preparation. If you are having concerns with access please see your classroom teacher.  Year 12 Standard Mathematics students have a resource folder task due at the end of term 2 they should be working on regularly.  They will also have an examination towards the end of term 1.

This year the Mathematics Faculty will be running a variety of excursions including World of Maths, Year 7 Numeracy Day, Aboriginal Numeracy Day and Year 6 Enrichment program.

We are looking forward to working with both Parents and Students to ensure a successful Year. Please do not hesitate to contact myself or your child’s classroom teacher if you have any concerns.

Mrs Triscia von Pralitz