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Resources and Additional Information

Similarities and Differences between Learning Choices and other classes

Similarities Differences

●        Same curriculum outcomes assessed

●        Similar content and units taught

●        Same school rules and expectations

●        All elective classes are to be attended

●        Some mainstream classes attended increasingly as students build confidence

●        Assessment tasks are still required

School processes and procedures adhered to

●        Smaller class size

●        More 1:1 support

●        Differentiated content and multiple access points

●        More frequent updates regarding learning

●        Academic and social accommodations and individual goals

●        Personalised learning

Social skills explicitly taught

Let’s Be Ready To Learn and Achieve Success

Equipment Required:

●        Pens- red, black and blue

●        Pencils- lead and coloured

●        Glue stick

●        Highlighters – Variety of colours

●        Textas

●        Ruler – No metal rulers please

●        Eraser

●        Scissors - small

●        Correction Tape

●        Pencil case to hold above supplies

●        Calculator

●        5 x lined workbooks clearly named and labelled with subjects (PE, Science, Maths, English and HSIE), no need for a grid book for Maths.

●        Student diary (optional)

This equipment will be used to assist your child in achieving academically. While some resources are available in the classroom, your child is expected to have their own to be used responsibly and to demonstrate being ready to learn. Please ensure this equipment is maintained throughout the year or contact us for further assistance.