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Music In The Classroom at Wadalba!

Music is currently engaged in every stage of the High School. Students study mandatory Music in Year 7, then get to use some of these musical talents in the new Year 8 Multimedia Course. From Year 9 onwards Music is an additional elective course.

When students first reach high school and enter our innovative Middle School program, 5 periods a cycle are dedicated to Music. Activities in this course focus on Musicology (Historical, Cultural and Theoretical perspectives), Listening (Listening, Discussing and Describing) and Performance (Percussion, Guitar, Keyboard, Vocal, Solo and Ensemble).

In Term 1, for many students, this is their first encounter with a musical instrument, or even an in depth discussion about what they listen to every day on their iPods. The topic, titled 'The Concepts of Music', focuses on identifying and describing the SIX Concepts of Music: Rhythm, Pitch, Tone Colour, Structure, Dynamics & Expressive Techniques, Texture. A range of musical styles and cultures are introduced, some familiar and some not so familiar.


a) 'Mr Brown' by Zap Mama

b) 'Mmenson' by the Pan African Orchestra

c) 'Race On A Highway With The Devil' by Al Di Meola

Terms 2, 3 and 4 will further their knowledge in these areas through study of topics relating to 'Blues and Jazz', Popular Music and Music for TV, Radio, Film and Multimedia, with a possible 'Gaming Music' bonus topic if time permits.

What is really exciting is the opening of our new Performance and Recording Studio. This area has made playing music a priority at Wadalba and students from all Stages have been taking advantage of this facility.

In Stage 5, the Year 9 Performance Music Class have been enthusiastically rehearsing and learning new music for performance at various assemblies and important occasions. Upcoming performing events include a playlist that includes artist such as Goyte, Kelly Clarkson, 30 Seconds to Mars, The Blues Brothers and Evanescence. Keep checking on the Faculty News section to stay up to date on these occasions.

Year 12 Music 1 are busy working towards their HSC which starts for them in early September, performances always before the official HSC Examination period. Performance skills are strong this year with most students majoring in Performance electives. Again, watch the Faculty News section for updates on performances and events.