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Design and Technology

Design and Technology

interior design


2 units for each of Preliminary and HSC

Board Developed Course

Category A

Exclusions: Nil


What will I be doing in this course?


Students study design processes, design theory and factors in relation to design projects. You will be required to design and create two minor design projects in the Preliminary year (one term each) and one major design project in the HSC year. The MDP runs over the entire HSC year and students are able follow any design field they choose, from fashion design through to furniture design.


Students in the Preliminary course will be learning about: Designing and Producing, including the study of design theory, design processes, creativity, collaborative design, research, management, using resources, communication, manufacturing and production, computer-based technologies, safety, evaluation, environmental issues, analysis, marketing and manipulation of materials, tools and techniques.


In the HSC course: students undertake a study of innovation and emerging technologies, which includes an innovation Case study. They also study designing and producing, which includes the completion of a Major Design Project.