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Wellbeing Team

The Wellbeing Team at WCS is committed to working towards student welfare initiatives that promote self esteem, resilience and self respect in students. Proactive programs that are either conducted internally or with external agencies provide students with relevant skills to deal with issues that may impact on their wellbeing.

The Wellbeing Team is also committed to ensuring that all students feel ‘safe' at school. Harassment, discrimination and bullying are not tolerated under any circumstances. As a proactive initiative Wadalba Community School has developed an anti bullying website ‘Wotz Up Wadalba' that educate students on the effects of harassment and bullying, whilst also allowing individual students to make an online bullying report to the wellbeing team.  Lessons that promote the school's values of respect, responsibility and excellence is another initiative aimed to build social skills and achievement in students.

Ensuring that individual learning needs are catered for is also a key priority for the student wellbeing team.  The learning support team implement strategies such as personalised learning plans, learning support assistance and student learning support officers to cater for the individual educational needs of students.

The Student Wellbeing Team

Head Teacher Welfare                  Mrs Melinda Brown

Year 7 Advisor                               Mrs Laura Stone

Year 8 Advisor                               Mr James Huff

Year 9 Advisor                               Mrs Melanie Coghlan (Mrs Jocelyn Atmore relieving T2)

Year 10 Advisor                             Mr Jade McLachlan

Year 11 Advisor                              Mrs Amy Rumpler

Year 12 Advisor                             Mrs Lisa Wright

Counsellors                                    Ms Deborah Warwick, Ms Lanne Brooke

Student Support Officer                  Ms Nicole Miller

The Student Wellbeing Team reports to:

Deputy Principal Yr 7 and 12        Mrs Erica Burge

Deputy Principal  Yr 9 and 10       Ms Jane Harris

Deputy Principal  Yr 8 and 11       Mr Brad Glachan

Principal                                        Mr Jason McGrath

Welfare, Discipline and Anti-Bullying

Wadalba Community School's current Welfare and Discipline Policy can be accessed using the link below.

"Wotz Up Wadalba"

Our school is committed to working actively to build a culture based around a belief that everybody matters.

"Wotz Up Wadalba" is an interactive anti-bullying website that has been developed to support students and their parents/carers. We encourage you to explore our new website, in particular our Parents page which has some useful information and contacts.

Students are shown how to use the website during Welfare lessons. Most importantly students will be shown how to use the online bullying reporting system. This system will allow students to confidentially report incidents of bullying so that we can offer greater follow up and support.