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Year 12

Year 12 Course structure

Core Topics (75%)

Research Methodology (25%): 

Research methodology and skills culminating in the production of an Independent Research Project

Groups in Context (25%): 

The characteristics and needs of specific community groups

Parenting and Caring (25%): 

Issues facing individuals and groups who adopt roles of parenting and caring in contemporary society


Options Component (25%)

Individuals and Work (25%): 

Contemporary issues confronting individuals as they manage roles within both their family and work environments

  • Sport, Lifestyle and Recreation

Students learn about the importance of a healthy and active lifestyle and recognise the need to be responsible and informed decision-makers. This course enables students to further develop their understanding of and competence in a range of sport and recreational pursuits. They are encouraged to establish a lifelong commitment to being physically active and to achieving movement potential.

What students learn

Through the study of Sport, Lifestyle and Recreations course, students learn to develop:

  • knowledge and understanding of the factors that influence health and participation in physical activity
  • knowledge and understanding of the principles that affect quality of performance
  • an ability to analyse and implement strategies to promote health, physical activity and enhanced performance
  • a capacity to influence the participation and performance of self and others
  • a lifelong commitment to an active, healthy lifestyle and the achievement of movement potential.

The course provides the opportunity to specialise in areas of expertise or interest through optional modules (ranging from 20–40 hours in duration) such as:

  • Aquatics
  • Athletics
  • Dance
  • First Aid and Sports Injuries
  • Fitness
  • Games and Sports Applications
  • Gymnastics
  • Healthy Lifestyle 
  • Individual Games and Sports Applications
  • Outdoor Recreation
  • Resistance Training
  • Social Perspectives of Games and Sport
  • Sports Administration
  • Sports Coaching and Training
Course Structure
2 units / 2 years 240 Hours

120 hours Year 11

Plus 120 hours Year 12

The Sport, Lifestyle and Recreation Studies course comprises 15 optional modules. There is no prescribed core component.

The time allocated to each optional module is flexible within the range of 20–40 hours depending on the number of units for the course and the way in which the course is delivered.

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