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The Learning Choices classes are designed to support students with additional learning needs in a safe and nurturing environment. Each child is treated as an individual and has their pattern of study designed to meet their needs.

The Learning Choices faculty would like to welcome returning families back to our programs for 2017 and welcome all new families joining us for the first time. Students in the year 8 class student Maths, Science, English, History, Geography and PDHPE with a small number of teachers in a home room environment. Students also take part in either Music or Visual Art as well as Tech classes. We have also included specialised literacy focus lessons each day to help build student confidence and skills.

 In stage 5 we have a composite class consisting of students in both year 9 and year 10. Students study the mainstream subjects of Science, Maths, English, PDHPE, History and Geography as well as attending their electives. Year 9 studies three electives and year 10 studies two electives. Students are studying the content appropriate to their age and stage and consistent with classes in the mainstream. Stage 5 students also study literacy to further develop their confidence and skills when reading, comprehending and writing text. We have strong literacy focus in everything that we do in class, this subject is another opportunity for students to refine their skills and work on the areas that need further development.

Our focus in Learning Choices is to provide learning opportunities at the pace that suits each individual child. Every child is pre tested at the beginning of each topic and the activities are tailored to each student's skills. As a team, we review the progress of each child in the program every 4 weeks to see if the pattern of study is suiting the needs of your child. Some students may demonstrate growth in a particular area faster than others and a mainstream subject will then be added to your child's pattern of study, taking the place of that subject in the Learning Choices curriculum.

Each child will be allocated a teacher mentor that will be the first point of contact for you and them when discussing attendance and concerns with their progress. Your child will come home with a note introducing who the mentor/contact will be.

Stage 5 students have been enrolled in three Google Classrooms, including a Homework classroom. Please ask your child to log into it through the student portal and show you. As the term progresses, we also plan to launch our Learning Choices website that will contain weekly updates about what your child has been learning in class, and any upcoming events. Every student in both stage and stage 5 will be given the opportunity to upload information and write a short article, sharing what is happening in our classes. Please log in regularly to see what we are learning about.

Equipment: A4 120 page book Literacy English HSIE book ( 1 book for both history and geography) PDHPE (PE uniform is also required for practical lessons) Science A4 Maths Grid Book Scientific Calculator 1 x display folder any colour Pens, pencils, eraser, ruler, highlighter x3, coloured pencils/crayons/textas, sharpener 2 ring folder in the colour of the student's choice 8GB flash drive.

The teachers for the Learning Choices core subjects in 2017 are: Stage 4 Stage 5 Mr Paul Farah Mrs Samantha Burton (HT) Mrs Danielle Young, Mr Paul Farah, Mr Scott Herdman, and Miss Sarah Elrick We are really excited to be teaching your child this year and look forward to working with you to support the learning of your child.

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