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Cyber Safety

The internet and online technologies, like mobile phones , are incredible tools. They provide an opportunity to communicate, learn, play and be entertained by content from around the world.


Like communicating in the real world, there are risks involved in interacting online. Cyber bullying, identity theft, scams and inappropriate content are some of the issues that can pose challenges for young people online. These challenges exist for all young people- from pre-schoolers who may be starting to use a computer to more experienced teens.


Knowing how to use online technologies safely is essential to having positive experiences online. It's important for children and young people to learn about cyber safety and know how to deal with issues. This applies as much in their own home as it does at school, on wireless applications and in public places such as the library.


As a parent, you have an important role to play in helping to educate and guide your child in their online experiences. The following resources offer helpful tips and some important points to remember (www.Cybersmart.gov.au).


We would also like to remind parents and caregivers that children under 13 are prohibited from signing up to Facebook, Kik, Youtube, and Instagram. If teachers become aware that underage children have signed up to these sites we may contact the sites to request their account be deactivated.


Cyber Smart



Cyber Smart Guide for families

Guide for Families (pdf 831 KB)


Dealing with Offensive content

Offensive content (pdf 1163 KB)


Guide to online safety

Guide to online safety (pdf 1128 KB)


Internet access and email accountd for students

Email accounts for students (pdf 325 KB)


Mobile phone safety

Mobile phone safety (pdf 1200 KB)


Say no to cyber bullying

Say no to cyber bullying (pdf 1321 KB)


Socialising on the internet

Socialising on the internet (pdf 1178 KB)