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Academic goals and my child

Where should my child be academically?

All children will progress at a rate that is as individual as they are. Here are some of the documents that teachers use to guide the teaching of their students and set goals and targets for your child.


Syllabus Documents

Our syllabus documents can give you an understanding of what skills and knowledge that is expected of your child by the end of each stage in each Key Learning Area. Please take a look at our ‘Curriculum' section for these documents.


Literacy and Numeracy Continuums

Another way we monitor student learning is by using the literacy and numeracy continuums. These are very detailed and can give you clear picture of where your child is at in both literacy and numeracy on the learning path from Preschool to Year 10. Remember when you are looking at the skills on the continuums that a child has to show these consistently for them to be classified as being at that level of learning.


These documents help guide a teacher on how to help your child move towards the next level of their learning no matter where they currently are. It's important to always remember that every child is progressing at a different rate and as long as they are making progress and doing their best they are being successful students.


Literacy Continuum-Target levels are written across the top of the document

K-6 document

K-6 Literacy Continuum (pdf 1124 KB)

7-10 document

7-10 Literacy Continuum (pdf 291 KB)


Numeracy Continuum-This outlines a progression of learning rather than where they should be can provides valuable information on ‘where to next?'




Reading Levels

There are broad targets set by the DEC for what level a student should be reading in K-2. After this point students are considered to be independent readers and are focusing on fine tuning their reading and comprehension skills.


Currently, the targets set are for the following by the end of the school year:

Kindergarten- level 6

Year 1- Level 16

Year 2- Level 26


IMPORTANT- These levels are the instructional levels that are read in class and not for home reading. They are for a guide only. If you are unsure what level your child is reading in class or have concerns about their reading, please speak to your child's teacher.