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Numeracy Resources

What is Numeracy?

Numeracy is the ability to use mathematics in everyday life. For example,confidently handling money, understanding interest, using timetables, working out journey times and interpreting graphs and charts - in other words, living in the modern world.


What is Mathematics?

At school Mathematics is the subject area teaches the mathematical foundations, skills and processes. It focuses on patterns, principles and is more abstract.


Below we have a list of a range of resources that can help to improve both your child's numeracy and mathematical knowledge and skills. These resources have been tried and tested by our primary teachers and are often used in our classrooms. They include websites and apps as well as a description.


Digital Resource List

Digital Maths Resource List (pdf 900 KB)


Here are some other resources that you may find useful in helping your child in numeracy.

How do they teach maths these days?



Literacy & Numeracy Tips



Parents count too pamphlets



Five ways to build your child's Numeracy skills K-4

Numeracy Flyer (pdf 707 KB)


Ideas to use at home Helping your child with numeracy

Numeracy at Home Ideas (pdf 380 KB)


A to Z Family Literacy and numeracy ideas

A to Z Family Numeracy (pdf 89 KB)